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  1. Narayana Holla
  2. Service delivery
  3. Sunday, January 29 2017, 02:27 AM

Dear TechNet viewers


Like many chronic diseases, whether communicable or non communicable, Tuberculosis is also an inadequately understood Vaccine Preventable Disease with frequent change in definition and treatment protocol.

In the recent RNTCP quarterly review meeting, substantial gap in the operational knowledge and differences of opinion were found regarding the Tuberculin Skin Test (TST) - a traditional, simple and reasonably reliable test as a diagnostic aid for the detection of infection by Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The results of TST are not confirmatory but reliable and corroborative in making diagnostic decision.

Hence an attempt is made to present the same in the form of Questions and Answers and a one page job-aid for the TST provider as ready reckoner to be displayed at the nursing station for testing and maintaining Multi Dose Vial Policy [MDVP].

Any error in the whole process from referring the patient to the reading and interpretation of the result and decision making can make a difference of "HANG HIM NOT; LET HIM GO or HANG HIM, NOT LET HIM GO".

Hope a few of the viewers will revert with +ve suggestions



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Narayana Holla Accepted Answer

Dear viewers

Last month we shared post on Tuberculin Skin Test (TST) / Mantoux test in the form of questions and answers and one page job-aid for display in the Nursing Station where "test" is administered for ambulant patients. This enhanced the capacity of Test provider – the staff nurse who is now demonstrating how to administer Tuberculin intradermally and how to read / measure the induration in mm to the interns and Post Graduates. Interpreting the test result expressed in mm is to be done by the authorized prescriber. On interacting with the post graduates of Department of Medicine, we developed a PPT for presentation for conducting interactive dissemination class in small groups. This resulted in the development of another job-aid – exhibiting Indications / contraindications / when to take precautions & how to interpret the result contextually: the last but one slide.

The same is attached for sharing with the technet viewers for further inputs.

regards from

TST team

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