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  1. dhaile
  2. Cold chain equipment
  3. Monday, February 13 2017, 03:07 PM

Dear all

UNICEF SD has issued a request for informtion for large size cold rooms. The purpose of this RFI is to draw a generic specification to accomodiate increasing demand for bigger size cold rooms ....

We highly appriciate response from industries , acadamia , professional groups etc.


Dear Kshem and Padmini

It´s a pleasure for me to share this information.

In the document which I annexed in the page 3 appear the table with the dimensions of the cold rooms.

There, you can see the dimensions of each one, the first cold room has 21m depth x 9m width x 8m hight; the second has the same shape plus a space of 12m x 7m x 8m ( please to see the arquitectural plan) and effectively the CR of freezing is only 3m hight. I attach a picture.

To ensure the required temperature range in each refrigerated area (2 ° C to 8 ° C), four condensers of a heat extraction rate of 43,000 BTU / h are present. Evaporating at -5 ° C and condensing at 38 ° C for each room. In total, 8 condensers of the same model and brand will be required. Bitzer made in USA. With this equipments, if the CR is 60% full and the door is closed only one system is enough to guarantee the temperature. Addicionally the gate to the freezing room is inside the bigger refrigerator room, in front of the CR there is a pre-chamber insulated too of 8 m hight to improve the cold chain.

For the freezing room two condensers of a heat extraction rate of 35,000 BTU / h are required, evaporating at -18 ° C and condensing at 38 ° C. In total, 2 condensers of the same model and brand will be required.

Best regards

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Dear Dhaile

I would like share with you the experience about the validation of the three cold rooms of 1512 m3, 2178m3 and 97 m3 in Colombia, the first two are in refrigeration for vaccines (2°C to 8°C) and the last is freezing to icepacks and VOP. I attach the technical specifications required. The cold rooms have 8 meters high and the logistic is with electrical lifting. Each cold room of refrigeration have 4 refrigeration systems for redundancy, high silhouette evaporators, monitoring in real time (volts, temperature, alarms), power plant with automatic transfer.

Bets regards

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