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  1. James Cheyne
  2. Programme management
  3. Tuesday, 05 April 2011
Evaluation of mid-level management training in immunisation in the African region. Mutabaruka E, Dochez C, Nshimirimana D, Meheus A. World Health Organization Regional Office for Africa, Division of Communicable Diseases, Immunization and Vaccine Development, Brazzaville, Congo. Abstract OBJECTIVE: The Mid-Level Management (MLM) training course provides managers of immunisation programmes with new, advanced skills in planning, management, monitoring and evaluation. An evaluation was conducted of the MLM training courses held between 2000 and 2004 in the African Region, in order to assess its effectiveness and impact, and its contribution to the management of the Extended Programme on Immunisation (EPI) at country level. METHODS: Evaluation methods included: a desk review of the MLM course reports, WHO/AFRO MLM modules and reference documents; interviews with MLM course participants, facilitators, supervisors, Ministry of Health officials and country-based partners; focus group discussions; and questionnaires. RESULTS: During 2000-2004, eleven MLM courses were held and 642 participants were trained. Of the 151 course participants interviewed, 85% rated the course as very useful and 15% as useful. Modules on new vaccines, immunisation safety, cold chain and vaccine management, communication and problem solving were most appreciated. According to supervisors, the MLM training has contributed to significant improvements in the performance of the staff after attending the MLM course. Using DTP3 as an indicator, immunisation coverage in the African Region increased from 49% in 1991 to 53% in 2001 and 69% in 2004. CONCLUSIONS: The MLM training has increased the performance of the trained staff and therefore contributed to the improvement of EPI coverage in the African Region. However, MLM training remains a predominantly vertical event and should be harmonised with other health training programmes for various levels of the health system. Some of you TechNet21 readers will have been on these courses. Do these results match your experience on these courses? Please let us know.
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MLM trainings are supported by UNICEF in Pakistan, this means holding them in good environment,healthy food, reasonable DSA and cash payements. The attendance is always satisfactory. But if we try to hold any such activity under government funded banner the whole event is percieved as non serious, and starting from the selection of participants to the attendance number the whole package is a sorry figure. I think we need to harmonise the two sources of funding or else----
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