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  1. Narayana Holla
  2. Programme management
  3. Thursday, 26 July 2018

Dear viewers

In India, an estimated 90 lakhs children are either partially vaccinated or unvaccinated and the GOI aims to attain >90% Full Immunization Coverage by 2018 through Intensified Mission Indradhanush [IMI] – an ambitious flagship programme of the country with utmost commitment. We are left with 5 months more from now. Constraints and problems are innumerable with rural urban differentiation. One such ubiquitous grievous problem is dissimilarity [ANISOSIS] of vaccination cards [HBR-Home Based vaccination Records] in the private sector. In urban areas as high as 40% and in rural area ~10% are vaccinated by private service providers whose  schedule is not matching with National Immunization schedule hence their vaccination status cannot be transmitted through Health Management Information System (HMIS). As a majority of these children mainly of high income group are deprived of Mother & Child Protection Card [MCP Card / Taayi Card] from the government, they do not have unique number to feed the data online to Mother and Child Tracking system [MCTS]. In response to this, Indian Academy of Pediatrics [IAP] – strong supporter of Immunization programme, on 03rd Sep 2016, removed the revised IAP schedule 2016 perceiving it as controversial and promised to come out with new NIS Compatible version in 2017. However this is not being communicated effectively to the private service providers – the attached is one such illustration of >20lakhs of children in India afflicted by “ANISOSIS” of vaccination card [HBR].

Dr David Brown et al from WHO, did extensive work on HBR emphasizes that a proper HBR definitely helps in adequate documentation of vaccination dates, educates parents and service providers, facilitates timely completion of vaccination schedule and much more to the country and the world.

Hope the attached illustration will be useful in understanding the dilemma both for the parents and the nation.

Warm regards

Holla n team

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