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  1. Garrett Mehl
  2. Immunization information systems & coverage monitoring
  3. Monday, 04 January 2021

Dear Colleagues,

As you may know, WHO is in the midst of establishing an expert panel and working groups to support the development of specifications and data interoperability standards for a digitally-enhanced  Smart Vaccination Certificate to facilitate COVID-19 vaccination planning and monitoring.

This message is a call for applications from experts who have immunization and information systems expertise to apply by the end date of the application process, January 8, 2021 17:00 (CET timezone). We particularly welcome applications from individuals from under-represented regions.

For WHO to remain software neutral, the Smart Vaccination Certificate approach will focus on establishing key specifications, minimum data sets linked to interoperability standards, trust framework for a digital vaccination certificate to facilitate implementation of effective and interoperable digital solutions that support COVID-19 vaccine delivery and monitoring, with intended applicability to other vaccines. With WHO, a number of agencies including UNICEF, GAVI, ITU, and EC DG SANTE are contributing to this initiative to establish a multi-sectoral consortium focused on joint-learning and supporting use of the finalized specifications and standards for digital vaccination certificates, architected for linkage to national and cross-border digital systems. 

WHO has already solicited applications from experts related to interoperability standards, and would like to ensure that immunization expertise is reflected in the expert panel. Thus, WHO would like to invite individuals from the TechNet-21 community to apply to contribute expertise. For more information on this panel and working group, please see this page here.  

How to apply

To apply, candidates must confirm interest, availability and commitment to participate in roughly nine half-day meetings between January and June, 2021, and provide:

  • Up-to-date curriculum vitae (CV);
  • A letter of motivation highlighting what your potential contribution to the roster/technical advisory group;
  • A presentation, sent in PDF format, outlining a presentation on how a digital vaccination certificate solution might link to a national immunization information system (5 slides or less) to support planning and monitoring;
  • Completed Declaration of Interests (DoI) form for WHO Experts
    • Guidance on completion of the declaration of interest form can be found as Annex A
    • The WHO Code of Conduct for WHO Experts can be found as Annex B
  • Completed Annex C: Confidentiality Undertaking form

The CV should include your career history and list your main areas of employment or other relevant activities and other public appointments. You should also include details of any relevant academic, professional or vocational qualifications. Your CV will be used in the assessment of your expertise. It is important that the CV and/or letter of motivation provide evidence that you have the qualifications of an expert on systems to support immunizations delivery. The CV should be written in English and should include all contact details including, if available, a cellular phone number.

Please send your completed applications to the WHO Smart Vaccination Certificate Secretariat’s email address with the subject line "TechNet 21 – [name of country where you work] and [full name of the applicant]” for email receipt before 17:00 CET on the 8th of January 2021.

For any questions, please email:

Processing of Expert Applications

The Secretariat will acknowledge receipt of your application and its completeness (by e-mail reply) and will check it for eligibility starting from 8 January 2021 onwards. The Secretariat will rely on the information provided to assess your expertise, skills and potential for your participation in the consortium. Please ensure that you provide written evidence to support how you meet all of the relevant criteria. Interviews may be scheduled to clarify areas of uncertainties for any application.

Candidates who best fit the criteria and match the required qualifications with due consideration to ensuring equitable representation will be reviewed and evaluated by the WHO Smart Vaccination Certificate Secretariat.

Successful candidates will receive a letter inviting them to serve as part of the working group that will specify the start date and duration of term.

All applications will receive notification from the Secretariat informing them of the final status of their nomination to the working group, whether successful or unsuccessful.


Participation in this working group is not remunerated. However, compensation would be provided for expenses related with attendance to in-person meetings where travel may be required. Such compensation, which includes the issuance of airline tickets, per diem to cover lodging, food and incidental expenses will be in accordance with the WHO travel rules. Please note that due to the current COVID-19 pandemic situation, meetings will only be conducted virtually, and the Secretariat will try to accommodate all time zones. Participation in virtual meetings is not compensated.

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