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  3. Wednesday, 20 May 2009
Dear Technet Readers, Addendum to the call for unpublished documents ("grey literature";) on reasons for non-immunization: In collaboration with a new WHO project on Gender and Immunization, IMMUNIZATIONbasics would like to note a particular interest in reviewing unpublished data and information on sex disparities and gender-related barriers in the demand and supply of immunization, in particular on: disparities in immunization and non-immunization, existing disaggregated data by sex, as well as predictors and determinants; 2.gender dimensions and roles of caretakers and providers which affect total coverage, regardless of the sex of the child; 3.culture and traditions with a bearing on men's and women's roles in taking children to vaccinations; and 4.attitudes and behaviours of health workers of both sexes and their constraints in reaching women or men, girls or boys. Our initial call for documents, disseminated two weeks ago, is repeated for your convenience. Thank you very much. The USAID-funded IMMUNIZATIONbasics project would appreciate your assistance in identifying studies and reports from developing countries that contain information on characteristics of, or reasons for, unvaccinated (or incompletely vaccinated) children. We are interested only in documents that are unpublished or that were produced by a project or organization but not widely disseminated. A more specific description of the documents we hope to identify and analyze is found in the box below. We are undertaking this review of the "grey literature" on "the epidemiology of the unimmunized child" in collaboration with the World Health Organization. Other partners (Swiss Tropical Institute and U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) are examining and analyzing DHS and MICS surveys and formally published literature. Please send a copy of any document that you believe will be of interest for this study to: Lisa Oot (loot@ and Robert Steinglass []. If you do not have an electronic version of a document of interest, we would ask you to:1. Scan the executive summary or the entire document, then email it to us; or 2. Let us know by email if you could share a photocopy of the document with us. We can then work out arrangments for doing so. We would like to collect all documents by June 1. Later in 2009, we will inform all contributors (and others) about how they can access the documents reviewed and our synopsis of findings. Criteria for inclusion of documents in grey literature on epidemiology of the unvaccinated child: A document (study, review, or report)must: * Either be specific to immunization or, if broader in scope, include data that are specific to routine immunization * Report on activities carried out since 1980 * Contain systematically-collected information, using an accepted quantitative or qualitative methodology, about unvaccinated children. We prefer that the document also: * Addresses users, non-users and/or partial users of routine immunization * Includes triangulation of findings with different target groups, if possible and appropriate (depending on the methodology) * Explains systems reasons why children did not get immunized. Thank you. Robert Steinglass Robert Steinglass Technical Director JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc. IMMUNIZATIONbasics 1616 N. Ft. Myer Drive, 11th floor Arlington, VA 22209 USA ( )office phone: 703-528-7474 e-mail: ( )

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