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  1. Narayana Holla
  2. Service delivery
  3. Monday, 23 December 2013
Immunogram (IgM) 2+ is completing one year from Xmas 2012 to Xmas 2013. The following is a brief write-up. On Christmas Eve of 2012, Immunogram, IgM++ was posted as a ‘gift’ to the viewers of Technet. It is completing one year by this Christmas 2013. It started with 2 session sites of one sub-centre ‘Peraje’ of PHC Sampaje, attached to the KVG Medical College for field practice, and then expanded to cover 650+ session sites of 203 sub-centres of 54 planning units of a district. Only 2 ANMs were oriented to the tool ‘Immunogram’ and familiarised with the unique approach of ‘IgM2+’ in Dec 2012. On the second Thursday (10th Jan 2013 - regular outreach session day), a significant backlog of measles 2nd dose was cleared (6% to 78%). This observation was posted as ‘Peraje Template’. These two ANMs jubilantly shared their success and oriented 6 other ANMs of the Same PHC in Jan 2013 itself; as a result, 14 session sites of 8 sub-centres adopted and practised it in the field. Meanwhile the success of ‘Peraje’ was seen by the state observers in the field, who interacted with Peraje ANMs, and recommended that it be scaled up to the district level. The Sampaje PHC achieved this in 3 months – Jan to Mar 2013, which was documented and disseminated during the 2 days national workshop on immunization held at Manipal and shared with service providers. (Pentavalent era started from 1st April 2013 in Karnataka). With shadow and passive support it is effectively continuing in Sampaje PHC with a revolutionary change in the working culture and documentation practices. With an objective of Rapid Backlog Clearance to close the gap in population immunity, a district intervention for a period of 6 months was piloted by KSHSRC (Karnataka State Health Society Resource Center), GoK, (Jun 2013 to Nov 2013). The State Immunization Officer (SIO) disseminated the results under state specific innovation in the National SIO’s review meeting held in the first week of this month in Delhi. Executive Director KSHSRC and resource person from KVG Medical College jointly disseminated information about the outcome in the state Routine Immunization Operational Core Group review meeting under the chairmanship of Principal Secretary, Govt of Karnataka. The programme was well received and recommended to be scaled up in the 8 districts of Karnataka selected for RMNCH+A (Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health). Though the intervention (both technical and active supportive supervision) ended, the process continues as the service providers are the main pillars in this approach. Conclusion: Through this tool and approach, it is possible to achieve and sustain very high population immunity, which can potentially prevent importation of wild virus and occurrence of outbreaks of other VPDs.

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