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  1. Soren Spanner
  2. Cold chain equipment
  3. Friday, 01 August 2014
Time to rethink cold rooms. Inspired by johns rethinking. A lot has happened since the first vaccine cold rooms were installed. There is much better access to refrigeration technicians. Butchers and many others are using cold rooms, if something goes wrong it is being repaired. There is some kind of old thinking, in the 80s it was difficult finding a refrigeration technician who could repair a cold room. That is not so any longer, now the question, why do we still procure extremely expensive cold rooms with dual refrigeration systems, being supplied with refrigerant and a service kit, even oil which was used with open compressors in the 80s. The butcher call the refrigeration technician, why does MOH not? Cold rooms could be delivered with a spare unit, which can be fitted within an hour. The would also give more room for vaccines. Why not have more split units, have still to see the first, it does not make much sense to heat the room where you have your cold room, in some cases air conditioners are fitted, even worse. I have been checking prices. For the cost of one cold room from supply division 30m3, you can have two 30m3 cold rooms including two spare cooling units. I think it's time to think. Best regards Soren

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