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  1. Narayana Holla
  2. Programme management
  3. Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Dear all 

We are happy to share that we could make some dent in improving the COVID-19 Vaccination programme. Hope the following will also make favourable improvement in the programme.

India is committed, eradicated polio. Emergence and re-emergence of diseases is a natural process but yet times “man made” e.g. drug resistant infectious diseases like Tuberculosis. Newly born SARS-CoV2 developed COVID-19 disease, joined the family of Vaccine Preventable Diseases [VPD]. Within a short period became pandemic, disrupted the peaceful life and is continuing to do so is a global experience. Vaccine to prevent COVID-19 is one of the silver lines. India too has contributed immensely for the country as well as the world through very effective motivational speeches by the leader, sharing preventive masks / medicine and now the vaccine.

It is customary to prepare a simple single comprehensive PPT while introducing a new vaccine based on standard template incorporating the nation specific operational guidelines, vaccine specific factsheet – helping whom to include / exclude, for orienting members of the service delivery team and for sensitizing the beneficiaries of planning unit. Author prepared the draft PPT, shared with potential contributors. On receiving inputs from some of the viewers and the MoHFW letter, it was further fine tuned and re-shared. TechNet-21 also disseminated for the global viewers [SHARING FOR EXTRA - CARING]. We established screening site for extra care and to honor MoHFW directions as done in the past for H1N1 vaccine when it was newly introduced.    

16th Jan 2021 is an auspicious day for us in India. About one crore Health Care Workers [HCWs] are honored by choosing them for receiving COVID-19 vaccine at the earliest opportunity in the first phase itself.

CoWIN is a new entrant for managing the mass vaccination programme to infuse lightening speed in data transmission like in election campaign. Centrifugally, the country is made ready within record time. SMART HCWs Googled, line-listed themselves as 100% specific eligible beneficiaries; rapidly generated national duelist: an enormous paperless work, helped in calculating doses of vaccine and other related logistics required for service delivery. Due listing is centripetal in the Routine Immunization programme and coverage is significantly below 90% [NFHS 5].

Following the inauguration by the Honorable Prime Minister of India, KVG Medical College and other planning units in India / Karnataka also started delivering vaccination services. Vaccine and AD syringes are supplied by the government for free vaccination; AEFI Kit, vial openers, Hub-cutter, red bag, black bag, blue puncture proof container, session site tally sheets, masks, sanitizers and soaps are the other logistics + swabs.

We were all set for vaccinating the eligible candidates on 18th Jan 2021. This is one more opportunity for operational experience. District RCH Officer ‘softly’ shared the CoWIN generated e-list – short listed 1188 of the Googled 1297 (short by 8.4%). We are maintaining this 109 left-out and adding those who are willing but did not generate the demand. CoWIN may absorb this list in the near future, enabling us to answer ‘will’ & ‘when’ they can be jabbed.

On 17th we received an e-list of hundred randomly selcted preregistered beneficiaries to be vaccinated on 18th. Like the computer, we were thinking that all the 100 who received SMS were eager to get vaccinated at the first opportunity itself. However, on 18th 42 of the 100 preregistered got vaccinated that too on reminding telephonically. Our mobilization efforts were in vain and pain.

All the 5 members of the vaccination booth, were under tension and depressed as to how to transmit such low performance to higher authority which we never experienced in the past – always >90 in the previous campaigns / supplementary immunization activities like Pulse Polio, Mop-ups, MR campaigns. Being in medical college, supported by PRO / HR Interns posted in the Immunization clinic (not in the micro-plan) contacted the SMART phones of absentees and noted multiple reasons of non accessibility.

As a self designated supervisor, I shared this with potential game changers from block to national level. For the very next schedule we were blessed to receive e-list with only vaccinator’s name but not of beneficiaries with a provision of ‘Allot Beneficiary’. Interns, HR / PRO flanked by Dean, we made a list of 100 from the CoWIN approved list and vaccinated all the 100. For 3 successive sessions we could mobilize 100 per day. If the same blessing prevails, we will continue to score 100/100 on CoWIN allotted session days. As I learnt; in another Medical College with 10 booths, of the 1000 e-listed beneficiaries, 280 (28%) availed vaccination. Now they are also CoWIN blessed,  allotting preregistered and reaching very high utilization - almost 100 per booth in almost all medical colleges in Dakshina Kannada district and nil to minimal sacrificing doses of vaccine.

Medical Colleges by default have to document the activities, compile / analyze / interpret the data collected; share the results / experiences for improving the performance all over the country with adrenaline speed.

ADRENALINE is needed not only for treating the anaphylactic shock where the Vaccinator – a de-professional is authorized to administer on the spot by the Supreme Court in our country – a life saving decision; it is also needed for dramatic improvement in programme implementation and reimbursing the compensation in case of vaccine injury with same speed – say within hours on the spot. Similar thing has happened a few decades back when the committed / dedicated District Health Officer paid the compensation to the nominee on the spot when a lady succumbed to Laproscopic sterilization in the outreach family planning campaign. In another episode following death due to TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome) it took almost 10 years to disburse the compensation. 

We hope our game changers empathetically will make this happen with lightening speed and automatically like DBT [Direct Benefit Transfer] as we are now “DIGITAL INDIA”.   

wish you all to edit or contribute for better performance in serving the humanity

Holla n Team


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