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  1. Dan Brigden
  2. Supply chain and logistics
  3. Sunday, 15 May 2022

Due to unprecedented demand, the EVM Capacity-Building Workshop taking place in Kigali, Rwanda from 16-28 May will be streamed live online starting at 09:00 Central Africa Time (UTC+2) on 16/05/2022. As well as the plenary sessions, both the separate English and French sessions will be streamed. A copy of the first two days of the agenda can be found below; the agenda for the remaining days will be provided subsequently.

The two-week hands-on workshop, organised by UNICEF and WHO and intended to support national governments and implementing partners as well as regional and global institutions, will provide participants with a thorough grounding in every aspect of delivering an EVM assessment and implementing a continuous improvement plan (cIP). This will include:

  • Assessment preparation
  • EVM Manager training, including country setup, assessment creation, questionnaire management, assessment finalisation, EVM report creation, and analysis of assessment results
  • cIP activity developent planning, cIP workshop delivery, cIP tracking and cIP activity monitoring

The Concept Note for the workshop is attached to this forum post.

The link to the streaming site will be shared as a reply to this forum post before the opening ceremony at 09:00 on 16/05/2022. The workshop will also be recorded, and the recordings will be made available as soon as the workshop ends.

All EVM guidance material, including the manager and assessor user guides, can be found on the EVM topic page here:

The EVM website itself can be found here:


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Dan Brigden Accepted Answer

Hi Srihari and other colleagues in interested in the recordings of the EVM capacity-building workshop in Kigali. I believe Olamide has the links and will share them shortly. We will post here as soon as we have them.

In the meantime, please note that the English and French recordings from the first webinar in the EVM webinar series are now available and links are below.

Webinar #1

What is Effective Vaccine Management (EVM) and why is it so important?  

Qu’est-ce que la Gestion Efficace des Vaccins (GEV) et pourquoi est-ce si important?

The second webinar in the series will take place on Thursday, 9 June. See:

Dr.Srihari Dutta Accepted Answer
Hi can the link of the recording be shared ?

Dr.Srihari Dutta, MBBS, MD, DIH

Immunization Specialist
UNICEF Regional Office for Middle East and North Africa 

Abdulqader Al Abed St 15, Amman, Jordan 


Whatsapp +9779823484102, Viber -+918376078521

Moderator Accepted Answer

Dear colleagues, there's another EVM capacity building workshop session today, the live-streaming has already started:

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Merci beaucoup pour le lien
Afin j'ai accedé au Forum
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Alex Accepted Answer


Hi all, if you struggled with the link shared above to join the EVM session, please try 

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Bonjour Chèr Dan Bridden
Le lien partagé ne s'ouvre pas
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Oluwatosin Kuti Accepted Answer

Live streams link on Zoom not opening.

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Dan Brigden Accepted Answer
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