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  2. Supply chain and logistics
  3. Friday, 11 July 2014
I am writing to the group in hopes to receive some insight into EVM Assessments. Are countries require to post their results online? Is there are repository of this results somewhere? Thank you for your help, -- Sincerely, Tatiana Viecco University of Cambridge Student Sidney Sussex College Mphil in Engineering for Sustainable Development Jack Kent Cooke Scholar
Isaac Gobina Accepted Answer
Dear Tatiana, Thank you for your inquiry about EVM assessments. There is a database for EVM assessment results but it is not publicly available for obvious reasons. You can get more information on EVM assessments on the WHO website: For additional information please direct your queries to Thanks Isaac
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  2. Supply chain and logistics
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kamal Accepted Answer
Thanks for all .
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  2. Supply chain and logistics
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