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  1. IAPHL
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  3. Thursday, 22 January 2015
The IAPHL team has developed a fun, interactive quiz to allow you to test your knowledge related to Human Resources Management for Supply Chain. Human Resource issues related to SCM has been somewhat of a “hot topic” for IAPHL over the past year, so we wanted to follow up and keep this conversation going on IAPHL. Our new-and-improved quiz format allows you to take this multiple-choice quiz using the web link below. The results are completely anonymous, and will not be shared with anyone; they are simply for your own personal benefit. The quiz was designed for you to test your own knowledge, but also to spark conversation. Please share any related thoughts or questions with the IAPHL community, so we can continue the meaningful discussion about how to address HR for SCM issues in the field. Take the quiz here:

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