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  1. Johnson Kisanga Alexander
  2. Supply chain and logistics
  3. Friday, 23 September 2022

Hi Team, this is Johnson Kisanga from CHAI-Tanzania. 

I was going through the Supply chain sizing tool with aim of understanding key parameters that are required to establish requiments for a standart Dry Storage for storing duluents, syringes and safey boxes. So, I'm kind like trying to make an assessment tool that can be used to assess stores around and see how many have qualified and sufficient dry storage. So, I need someone to help me understand how do I physically establish the current existing dry storage so that I know it's insufficient/sufficient if i compare with the output from Supply chain sizing tool.

Hi Bakhtiyar,

Thanks for your response. I will work on it. Appreciate 


Bakhtiyar Ahmed Accepted Answer

Dear Johnson, 

You can find useful information on page 20 of the following document

Please take into consideration construction materials, temperature insulation, walk through space for forklift or manual jaks, and fire/safety prevention and control strategy

Best Regards  

Moderator Accepted Answer

Dear Johnson, we will contact you today by email to put you in touch with Solo Kone from WHO/HQ to provide you with the required support. 

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