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  1. Narayana Holla
  2. Service delivery
  3. Saturday, 30 July 2011
Both the care takers and the service providers generally believe that by administering the vaccines one gets protected against the VPD's. But it's well known that neither the vaccine has 100% efficiency nor the immune system of all will respond uniformly. This intrinsic factor becomes the 'Limiting' factor. With rapidly expanding vaccination programme, with more number of vaccines, wider coverage, quality also should keep in pace so as to take care of "Extrinsic factors" limiting seroconversion. Lab confirmation of immunization is operationally difficult. With sub optimal herd immunity there will be shift in the age of incidence, slow and steady accumulation of susceptible in the community as a result unwarranted, untimely epidemic can happen.(lessons learnt from Polio eradication programme). Cities are more vulnerable. Hence the PPT on this topic of 'IMMUNIZING THE VACCINATED'.[url=] Immunizing-the-vaccinated.pdfImmunizing-the-vaccinated.pdf[/url]
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