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  3. Monday, 18 October 2010
Many thanks to Emily Griswold, PATH, for sharing this document with TechNet21 readers.  PATH and Working in Tandem, Ltd., recently released a report entitled “Improving the affordability of inactivated poliovirus vaccines (IPV) for use in low- and middle-income countries: an economic analysis of strategies to reduce the cost of routine IPV immunization.” The report, published on ( and (, reviews the need for IPV following eradication of wild-type polioviruses and the subsequent cessation of use of oral poliovirus vaccines (OPV). As high cost and logistics are often cited as major barriers to the vaccine’s inclusion in routine immunization programs, the report explores various alternative strategies to make IPV more affordable and analyzes their incremental costs. The strategies ! reviewed include: Intradermal delivery of reduced doses of IPV using different vaccine-delivery devices, compared with existing use of needles and syringes. Intramuscular delivery of IPV combined with an adjuvant. Reduction in the number of doses of IPV per immunization schedule. Use of alternative formulations of IPV. The report identifies the relative merits and drawbacks of each approach and suggests avenues for further research, some of which are already under way as part of PATH’s Vaccine Technologies Group’s research agenda. The report was based on presentations from the eighth WHO/UNICEF Consultation with OPV/IPV Manufacturers and National Regulatory Authorities, October 2009. The cost modeling was conducted by PATH and Working in Tandem. The PATH report was highlighted in the Polio Pipeline ( alongside a new WHO position paper on the use of poliovirus vaccines in the pre-eradication era and a report, “The supply landscape and economics of IPV-containing combination vaccines,” prepared by the consulting firm Oliver Wyman. For more information on the report, please contact Darin Zehrung ([][/email]). For more information on the Polio Eradication Initiative, please go to ( Click here ( to view the full discussion in the Forum -------------------- m2f -------------------- Read this topic online here: -------------------- m2f -------------------- ##text##

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