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  3. Thursday, 11 October 2012
by Ryan McWhorter, Logistimo, and Dan Brigden, PATH To accompany the article “South Sudan deploys new mobile phone-based stock management tool” in this month’s newsletter, project Optimize has published a photo set on Flickr that reveals how the new logistics management information system created by Logistimo is being used by health staff in South Sudan. The photo set illustrates how county stock managers can use the Logistimo application on their mobile phones to review and update vaccine stock levels, order new vaccine stock, and record its arrival. It also shows how state and national managers can use Logistimo to respond to orders submitted by county stock managers, and view vaccine stock availability and consumption data. Access the photo slideshow directly. You can click “Show info” in the top right corner to view/hide photograph descriptions, and click the following button in the bottom right corner to view the slideshow in full-screen mode.

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