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  3. Wednesday, 18 July 2012
To accompany the article “Online immunization registry transforms the work of health staff in Albania” in this month’s newsletter, project Optimize has published" target="_blank"> a photo set on Flickr that reveals how the new tool has benefitted health staff in the pilot region of Shkoder. The photo set is divided into two: “Before” and “After.” The “Before” photographs describe how health workers used the previous paper-based registry, while the “After” photographs describe how they are now using IIS, a computerized immunization registry. The photo set includes several screenshots of the IIS tool itself." target="_blank">Access the photo slideshow directly. Click “Show info” in the top-right corner to view/hide photograph descriptions, and click the following button in the bottom-right corner to view the slideshow in full-screen mode: To comment, make sure you are logged in and click Reply.

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