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  1. Narayana Holla
  2. Service delivery
  3. Thursday, 21 November 2019

Dear viewers

India is committed and consistently trying to improve and sustain vaccination coverage. Despite the best efforts; we have to go only a few more miles to achieve and sustain >90% from the current 87% vaccination coverage for which GoI launched Intensified Mission Indradhanush [IMI 2.0]. In addition to the universal reasons which the country is addressing, good performing districts have additional district specific problems too which can be easily and locally addressed by the district task force [DTF] with proactive involvement of stakeholders, specifically private sector through simple doable measures.

The attached is shared with the stakeholders of Dakshinakannada district. We wish to share with the global viewers as some of the issues like quality of vaccination service with regard to mainly the potency of the vaccine are questionable in the private sector.

Once vaccinated by a private service provider, the babies permanently loose the opportunity of getting vaccines with known potency. For example, as of now, child has only one opportunity in its life time to receive BCG vaccine, if not administered properly adhering to the 8 rights of CDC before administering the vaccine, these children will not develop “Immunogenic scar”.

More than 75% of births are taking place in private birthing facilities in Dakshinakannada and the neighboring district Udupi. As of now India has the dubious distinction of having highest number of Tuberculosis cases: ~27% of the world and ~35% of TB deaths. BCG vaccination is the oldest and the cheapest public health intervention but needs to be administered properly – one of the two areas of TB prevention. Now the district / state and the country are well galvanized, ready to receive an appropriate dent in the programme. Private Service providers too are keen to participate actively, proactively with proper direction and channelization by the public sector. Hence we wish to share the success story with global viewers.

With best wishes

Holla n KVG team

EDIT: The hypothetical example had projection up to state level. On suggestion and request, I have projected it to the country level (n=26 million). The attachment has been replaced with relevant editing. 

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