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  3. Tuesday, 05 December 2017

The World Health Organization Global Routine Immunization Strategies and Practices (GRISP) course team invites you to join our digital (online) Commencement Event to recognize the work and celebrate the achievement of the WHO GRISP Scholars

During this event:

  • Commencement speakers will address course participants to recognize their work and achievement
  • GRISP Scholar participants will present the action planning they have developed to implement a GRISP transformative investment in their country.
  • Participants will also share their experience and insights gained from connecting with EPI colleagues from over 30 countries through intense dialogue and peer review.

You are encouraged to download the invitation and share it with your colleagues and professional networks.

Commencement Event invitation - WHO GRISP Scholar - 12 December 2017

This WHO digital course used the Scholar Approach, developed by the University of Illinois College of Education and the Geneva Learning Foundation to support effective learning for global health and humanitarian work. This approach combines community of practice, knowledge co-construction, and peer review to support project-based learning. It was first piloted in 2016 by WHO to support country-level action planning based on the Global Routine Immunization Strategies and Practices (GRISP) guidelines.

The GRISP Scholar course will be offered in French in the first quarter of 2018.


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Reda Sadki Accepted Answer

If you are unable to join the GoToTraining session, you should be able to view the event on Facebook using this link:

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Reda Sadki Accepted Answer

Thank you for your interest in WHO's GRISP Scholar, Muhammad. The next offering of the course will be in French and will be starting in early 2018. The exact dates and announcement will be circulated soon.

No date has yet been set for the next run of the course in English. 

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When is the next GRISP Course going to start ???

I am interested to join it.

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