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  1. Olivia Bessat
  2. Programme management
  3. Monday, 02 November 2020

Bonjour dear TechNeters!

UNICEF has published a new document on Immunization Supply Chain Immunization Supply Chain Interventions to Enable Coverage and Equity in Urban Poor, Remote Rural and Conflict Settings, and it is available in TechNet-21's library (see link to this post).

This document summarizes the challenges faced by the iSC in reaching the communities with the most zero-dose children, namely urban poor, remote rural and conflict-affected communities. It also provides guidance on the iSC strategies and interventions that may be used to address them. It ultimately aims to enhance coverage and equity in the three most underserved community types:

- ‘Remote rural’ refers to settings that are physically distantfrom cities and characterized by low population densities and small settlements.

- ‘Urban poor’refers to settings “characterized by high population density, high mobility and unevenly distributedwealth and services”.

- ‘Conflict’ settings are involved in an active or long-standing conflict thatlimits the choice of iSC strategies, and are becoming increasingly prevalent, with the highest concentrations of zero-dose children.

These three settings share common challenges, for whichcross-cutting strategies have been identified.

Bonne lecture and all the best to you all and your loved ones in those very testing times. 

Warm regards,


Olivia Bessat Accepted Answer

Sophie! SO happy to hear from you - hope you and your loved ones are ok. Thinking of you and all my American and America resident friends on this special day. 

Regarding the UNICEF maturity model, let me redirect you to the actual webpage that provides basic info. You will also find the maturity model, and others, which makes that ressource immensly useful, into the following UNICEF document on p.41-45:

Have a great day!

Warm regards,


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Sophie Newland Accepted Answer

Hello Olivia,

Thank you for sharing this resource document. I would like to learn more about the UNICEF iSC Maturity Model, mentioned on page 10: "To accomplish this fractional planning and budgeting format, countries should first establish their own iSC maturity level using the UNICEF Maturity Model."

When I looked online, I found a anouther interesting UNICEF 2020 reference on a UNICEF ADaMM (an administrative data maturity model), but no found reference on a UNICEF iSC Maturity Model. Are you able to direct me to a reference, maybe in the very useful and easy to browse TechNet Resource Library?

Warmest of regards,



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