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  1. Hitesh Hurkchand
  2. Supply chain and logistics
  3. Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Measuring Accountability for Last Mile Delivery

The Interagency Supply Chain Group (ISG) comprising of 15 global agencies are actively involved in supporting supply chain efforts across all disease areas. The purpose of this group is to provide better coordinated and more effective support to country efforts in ensuring sustainable access to high-quality essential health commodities. The group meets quarterly to address priority issues, with technical working groups established for specific focus areas. This includes opportunities to strengthen collaboration at the country level and leverage institutional support around key technical issues. 

The ISG has recently published a four-page brochure, the focus of which is an operational definition and metrics for Last Mile Delivery.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. 

Many thanks, 



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Hitesh Hurkchand Accepted Answer

Hi John,

Thanks for your note. The ISG's focus is broader than vaccines and the group is coordinated around strengthening the entire pharmaceutical SC, and not any particular commodity class.

Thanks, Hitesh  

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John Lloyd Accepted Answer

Thanks Hitesh! Can you clarify for me whether the supply chain that you are referring to is for medicines and vaccines and other supplies to health facilities? Or is the ISG solely concerned with vaccine distribution? I hope, the former so that we can assure more efficient control and availability of transport, particularly in rural districts. 

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  2. Supply chain and logistics
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