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  1. Matt Morio
  2. Cold chain equipment
  3. Tuesday, 05 May 2020

Dear all, 

With the support of Gavi, PATH and Village Reach have recently published a new resource for cold chain equipment inventory (CCEI) management.

"Cold chain equipment inventory guidelines: Improving the quality and accuracy of national cold chain equipment inventory data"  - is an actionable guide to processes and standards for cold chain stakeholders. This document provides guidance and rationale for key stakeholders throughout the cold chain (such as EPI managers, cold chain or vaccine store managers, cold chain equipment technicians, and health workers) on why and how to maintain accurate cold chain inventories through information, user personas, checklists, and data.

To view the document and appendices please follow the link below.

The resources can also be found on the CCE management page

Questions or comments please reach out to Matt Morio or Ana Costache 


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