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  3. Thursday, 26 October 2017

Dear all 

We wish to share the activity held in our college (KVG Medical College & Hospiatal) on 24 October 2017 with the readers. 

On 24th October 2017, Rotary - Sullia branch in collaboration with KVG Medical College Hospital & IMA Sullia observed “World Polio Day”.

Dr K.V. Chidananda, Medical Director, being a Surgeon is a strong supporter of all National Health Programmes, especially Immunization, Polio Eradication, MR campaigns.

Rtn. Dr Sudhakar Bhat, a senior Psychiatrist, highlighted on the dedicated and active involvement of Rotary both globally and locally.

Dr Narayana Holla, Assoc Professor from the Department of Community Medicine, highlighted the Past / Present and the anticipated future of polio eradication. The world has reduced the burden of polio from >350000 per year distributed in >125 countries in 1988 to 37 confirmed cases in 2016 globally – that too caused by one type – PW1. 

In 2017, till date 12 confirmed cases of PW1 were detected – 7 from Afghanistan and 5 from Pakistan, both are endemic countries, Nigeria being the third – the “PAN” countries.

However reducing it to zero and sustaining to eradicate at the earliest is obligatory as 61 cVDPVs were detected in the non-endemic countries.

In this regard all PEs (Polio Eradicators) will ‘stop not’ as they have to go only a few “meters” for attaining the global eradication, failing which may result in as many as 200 000 new cases every year, within 10 years, all over the world.

with regards

Holla and the team

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