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  3. Tuesday, 28 February 2012
The Polio Research Committee (PRC) is currently soliciting research proposals to support the implementation and evaluation of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) Strategic Plan 2010-2012, with particular focus on the following topics. I. Eventual switch from trivalent OPV to bivalent OPV: 1) Characterizing the immune response after a single dose of IPV (e.g., memory cells, duration) in the presence and absence prior to OPV administration. 2) VDPV transmissibility within a community. Frequency and duration of virus recovery on a community basis. Possibility of interruption of transmission with IPV versus OPV. II. Operational research to increase programme performance: 3) Assess factors for suboptimal vaccination team performance and develop evaluation methods for team performance in countries with continued circulation of wild poliovirus. 4) Communication/social research to understand factors affecting household decisions around accepting OPV (e.g., community’s perception of vaccinators and vaccinator’s motivation). III. Understanding trivalent OPV induced mucosal immunity: 5) Evaluation of induction and duration of mucosal immunity. 6) Develop tools to measure mucosal immunity. IV. Countries switching from trivalent OPV to IPV. Understanding the natural history of virus behavior with cessation of use of trivalent OPV: 7) Epidemiologic and virologic evaluation of poliovirus disappearance (particularly in tropical and low sanitation areas). 8) Social research on community perception towards OPV/IPV switch. V. Enhancing AFP surveillance: 9) Develop new rapid field methods to increase the sensitivity of AFP surveillance or offer alternative methods of surveillance for polio in the individual. 10) Social research on community recognition of AFP cases and the ability to report them. Please note that the PRC is specifically interested in proposals which may contribute to the programme within 12-18 months. How to apply: 1. Complete the research proposal form The standard research proposal form should be used for all proposals. If you have any queries, please contact" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer"> Download the standard research proposal form [MS Word]. 2. Submit the form electronically or by post Please submit your completed proposal before the application deadline (15 March 2012). E-mail: with "PRC research proposal" in the subject line. Mailing address: Research and Product Development team Global Polio Eradication Initiative World Health Organization Avenue Appia 20 1211 Geneva 27 Switzerland Any additional documents may be submitted as appendices to this form (e.g. CVs, institutional letter of support). Please contact us immediately, if you do not receive confirmation of receipt of proposal by the end of March 2012. 3. Procedure for submission of proposals: All research proposals should include the following information: Research question/objectives (e.g., research questions, reference to published literature and cutting-edge science, description of how the results will be utilized). Qualification of investigators and collaborators (e.g., track record of researchers, capability of laboratory, necessary contractual arrangements). Budget request (e.g., appropriate for work anticipated). Study design and methodology (e.g., detailed activities, timelines, deliverables, availability of necessary capacities, feasibility of methods, plans for ethical and government approvals). There is no budget ceiling for projects, however experience shows that the budget for most accepted projects is approximately US$100,000 to US$300,000.

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