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  1. Narayana Holla
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  3. Monday, 09 October 2017

Dear viewers

India is committed. In the last ten years made remarkable achievement in the field of Immunization, to name a few, eradicated polio, introduced Pentavalent, MCV 2 doses and now the MR campaign, Rota and PCV vaccines were introduced, 2012-13 was declared as year of Intensified Immunization (IRI) followed by launching Mission Indradhanush (MI) on 25th Dec 2014 and now Intensified Mission Indradhanush (IMI). MI was launched with very high political commitment. It is not a just one more programme – it is people’s movement for universal community participation for long-term sustenance as emphasized by the honorable Prime Minister in his inaugural speech of 4th phase of MI (IMI). Through intensification, the nation wishes to achieve the objectives well in advance.

In this regard, we wish to share the following for strengthening and speeding up the programme as it already happened in the recent past.   

Legacy: On the 4th Saturday of 4th month of IRI simulation study in July 2013 (article published), Mrs Bina of Dewalbari graduated her Sub-Centre (SC) “IRI free” – a great milestone event in the history of Routine Immunization (RI) for India. ANMs Bina and Esterdas proved that in 4 successive months, irrespective of baseline coverage, one can attain high coverage in a short duration with “adrenaline speed” through proper, simpler, surer, user friendly tool and an approach which propagated through peer-education. Soon, block and the district Jamtara, with the support from District Task Force accomplished the same. They could attain and sustain high coverage in 2013 itself and escaped from the MI list of 200 districts in 2014-15.

Same was repeatedly proved to be replicable: in just 2 weeks by the ANMs Shobitha and Rekha of SC Peraje of Sampaje, in 3 months by RHTC Sampaje (Immunogram study - published), by Chikkaballapur district in 6 months – supported by the DD Immunization and sponsored by the Executive Director, KSHSRC of Government of Karnataka. Guthigar and Kollamogru PHCs of Dakshinakannada district also attained and sustained >95% coverage in 4months. Mrs Beena of Mogra SC, PHC Guthigar once again proved the power of “peer education”.

About 28,000 planning units of the country can potentially attain this.

Convinced by these field experiences, we got recent opportunity from the government to support urban area of Belgaum selected for operating Intensified Mission Indradhanush (IMI) w.e.f 7th Oct 2017. As per the IMI guidelines from the GOI and the State, survey was completed, obtained cross sectional vaccination data, scanned through “Immunogram”, derived the baseline coverage indicators and prepared RI specific duelist.

We wish to share the attached template PPT of 2 session sites of one Sub-Centre of Urban PHC Khasbag with the viewers for a critical review and valuable positive suggestions & wish to utilize these suggestions in our subsequent report for educating ourselves.

With best wishes and requesting again for positive suggestions

Holla and the team

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