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  1. Narayana Holla
  2. Global initiatives
  3. Thursday, 04 October 2018

Dear viewers,

On behalf of the KVG team, I wish to share the PPT on Eu-Vac Baby presented during the regular Academic Society Meeting today.

Laasya, D/O Chaitra C.G is the indexed Eu-Vaccinee who timely graduated as a fully immunized child (FIC) before first birthday and “complete” immunization in the 17th month.

As agreed among local stakeholders, babies and their parents will receive the Eu-Vac Baby award next 14th Nov 2018, which is “Children’s day” in India, hoping for a successful public health-related event.

This is made possible thanks to the revised design of the vaccination card in the integrated “Thayicard” – the HBR of Govt of Karnataka and the Combocard –, and the Vaccination+ card of KVG Medical College & Hospital Sullia that was issued to the parents at the time of discharge.

If all the private birthing facilities providing vaccination services would use this example as a good practise, the population immunity gap will shrink, helping the country and the world to achieve goals and objectives of Routine Immunization [RI] programmes well in advance.

I sincerely thank all the parents, especially the dedicated mothers who are bringing their children precisely on the stipulated due date or very close to the schedule date, vaccinators [Staff nurses] of the vaccination clinic for their dedicated services & my colleagues who edited the PPT, HOD who moderated the session.

With regards,

the KVG Team

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