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  3. Thursday, 27 January 2000
Post0222 THE FUTURE OF TECHNET 27 January 2000 CONTENTS 1. THE FUTURE OF TECHNET TECHNET Forum subscribers will recall that WHO has reorganized itself over the last few years. The EPI became the Global Program on Vaccines and more recently the Vaccines and Other Biologicals department. The home of the Technet Secretariat has been located within this team. Over the last year, key WHO staff have moved on to other responsibilities within the V&B. At the Technet'99 meeting in Harare, 6 to 10 December 1999, concerns about the future of technet were raised. Concerned by the departure of John Lloyd from the ATT group, a very strong meeting consensus was expressed for the Technet Secretariat to remain within the WHO. Julie Milstien, WHO/V&B, has kindly posted this message outlining the major conclusions of an internal WHO meeting on the future of the Technet. Thanks for the good news! Let us all make the future better through our collaboration in the Technet. Action, comments and additions please: [][/email] or use your reply button ____________________________________________________________ From: [][/email] Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2000 13:30:41 +0100 To: Subject: The Future of Technet Hi Allan, We understand that at the Technet meeting in Harare there was lots of concern about the future of Technet and WHO's commitment to its continuation. We thought it might be helpful to Forum readers to have official reassurance of our commitment to Technet and the activities and expertise it represents. Reproduced below are the major conclusions of a WHO internal meeting on the subject: ? The intention of continued WHO interest and support for Technet was confirmed. The post description for John Lloyd's replacement contains specific references to the planning and organisation of future Technet meetings, and there is no basis for fears expressed of waning WHO interest ? Continued location of a Technet secretariat within WHO was strongly recommended, specifically within V&B/ATT. It was also recommended that WHO remain as the technical and authoritative focus ? It was proposed that it would be more appropriate to develop a Strategic Framework for Technet rather than a Strategic Plan. ( such as used for SIGN; similar in structure to a Strategic Plan, but less prescriptive, and without detailed workplans, etc. ) Linkages between this framework and those of the WHO Regional Offices would be important, and enable Technet activities to: - be included in regional workplans - attract regional funding for specific activities ? Discussed the function of the proposed board of founding members and saw this as an identifiable core entity which represents the whole body of Technet and as a focus for the group which could be viewed as the Technet "institution". Hoping this is helpful. With best regards, Julie Milstien Dr Julie B Milstien Acting Co-ordinator, Access to Technologies Team Vaccines and Biologicals Department World Health Organization, Room M135 20 avenue Appia 1211 Geneva 27, Switzerland Tel: 41 22 791 3564 Fax: 41 22 791 4384 e-mail: [][/email] ____________________________________*________________________

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