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  3. Friday, 13 October 2006
POST 00991E : TECHNET MEETING 13 October 2006 ___________________________________________ A new version of the Technet21 Meeting agenda has been posted on our website at : For those who would prefer just to download it directly in text format, you can do it from : ... a_2006.doc ------------------------------ In discussing topics on the meeting agenda, we now move to Session 4 : Research Update. Two topics will be discussed : 4.1. Towards less heat/freeze sensitive vaccines 4.2. Administering vaccines without a needle For your convenience and focus the discussion, we reproduce here the two session's objectives with each its expected outcomes : 1. Review progress in development & discovery of methods to achieve less heat and freeze sensitive vaccines o Is thermo-stability a necessity, or just “nice-to-haveâ€

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