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  3. Tuesday, 19 June 2007
POST 01108E : NEEDLE REMOVER EVALUATION 19 June 2007 _____________________________________ NOTE : Adjustments, to be expected, have been made to the Expert database, to solve the few reported problems, especially those concerned with updating one's own data. Some modifications to the design have also been made. We hope that this database will now be fully operational. We thank all those who recently registered and invite potential consultants who haven't done so yet. The message below comes from [log in to unmask]">Huong[log in to unmask]"> Vu, from PATH/ Vietnam, who presents a needle-remover evaluation report. _____________________________________ PATH announces the publication of "Evaluation of a Needle Remover Demonstration Project : A Study from Huong Khe District, Ha Tinh Province, Vietnam." This report ( download) provides background, methodology, results, discussion, and references associated with an evaluation of the project. PATH and National Expanded Program for Immunization, the Vietnam Ministry of Health implemented a six-month demonstration project in Huong Khe District, Ha Tinh Province, Vietnam, to assess the acceptability, performance, and impact on waste disposal of a manual needle remover introduced at commune health centers (CHCs). The evaluation identified opportunities for significant improvement in the management of medical waste at CHCs. Needle removers were found to be a technically appropriate and feasible solution for CHCs, accepted by most health workers and managers, and able to address problems of health care waste disposal in rural areas. Based on the results of this demonstration project, the evaluation team recommended broader introduction of needle removers in CHCs located in rural and mountainous regions of Vietnam. Training and maintenance are critical issues for ensuring successful introduction of needle removers. Should they be introduced more broadly, it would be important to strengthen supervision at the CHCs. Before any device can be introduced more broadly, an evaluation must be conducted to ensure that it is compatible with the types of syringes being used in Vietnam. Safety boxes continue to be an important tool for managing sharps waste in Vietnam. However, unreliable supplies (safety boxes are only supplied enough for immunization injections) and lack of final disposal options present challenges for use. Since this study was completed, needle removers have recently been included in draft health care waste management guidelines developed by the Ministry of Health as an option for sharps waste handling in CHCs in Vietnam. For more information about this evaluation conducted in Vietnam, contact [log in to unmask]">Huong[log in to unmask]"> Vu. For more information on needle removers, visit the Needle Remover Resource page published by PATH. This web page is intended to serve as a resource for countries and programs considering the introduction of needle removers. Visit the page Huong Vu, MD, PhD Senior Program Team Leader PATH Hanoi, Vietnam ______________________________________________________________________________ All members of the TechNet21 e-Forum are invited to send comments on any posting or to use the forum to raise a new discussion or request technical information in relation to immunization services. The comments made in this forum are the sole responsibility of the writers and do not in any way mean that they are endorsed by any of the organizations and agencies to which the authors may belong. ______________________________________________________________________________ Visit the TECHNET21 Website at You will find instructions to subscribe, a direct access to archives, links to reference documents and other features. ______________________________________________________________________________ To UNSUBSCRIBE, send a message to : [log in to unmask]">[log in to unmask] Leave the subject area BLANK In the message body, write unsubscribe TECHNET21E ______________________________________________________________________________ The World Health Organization and UNICEF support TechNet21. The TechNet21 e-Forum is a communication/information tool for generation of ideas on how to improve immunization services. It is moderated by Claude Letarte and is hosted in cooperation with the Centre de coopération internationale en santé et développement, Québec, Canada ( ______________________________________________________________________________ ======================================================================== Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2007 22:59:49 -0400 Reply-To: [log in to unmask] Sender: Technical network for strengthening immunization services Comments: RFC822 error: MESSAGE-ID field duplicated. Last occurrence was retained. From: TechNet Subject: POST 01109E : SOLAR REFRIGERATOR MIME-version: 1.0 Content-type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1 Content-transfer-encoding: quoted-printable TECHNET21 E-FORUM Technical network for strengthening immunization services Contributions to: [log in to unmask]">[log in to unmask] or use your reply button! __________________________________________________________ POST 01109E : SOLAR REFRIGERATOR Follow-up on Posts 01019E, 01027E, 01032E, 01037E, 01045E, 01095E and 01102E 21 June 2007 _____________________________________ This posting contains two contributions. The first comes from [log in to unmask]">S=F8ren [log in to unmask]">Spanner from UNICEF/India. The second is from [log in to unmask]">Gregory [log in to unmask]">Kiluva from UNICEF Supply Division _____________________________________ All the Solar Powered Refrigerators, listed in the PIS are working perfectly well. Provided that: The system is correctly sized. Installation is done as per manufactures recommendations Maintenance is done as per manufactures recommendations. Proper training of users. As for the size, if you need 30l buy 30l, if you need 50l buy 50l. A bigger SPR is more expensive than a small, like a house, car or whatsoever. As for Jharkhand, I could not disagree more see the reasons above. Solar panels might be stolen, so might generators. Many of the generators I have seen, in the same area are idle because of lack of fuel. I would question the cost effectiveness of the generator solution. Soren Spanner Project Officer Cold Chain Health Section, UNICEF, India Country Office, New Delhi -------------------------- Dear All, I have read the two contributions on this post and would like first to respond to Lydie. The three numbers you refer to in the Supply Catalogue refer to

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