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  3. Friday, 29 June 2007
POST 01114E : STOCK MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE 29 June 2007 _____________________________________ Technet21 policy is to the effect of not posting advertisement on its site or e-forum. We already asked in the past whether we should make this rule more flexible. The message below is indeed advertisement. After consulting Secretariat however, it was decided to post it. The reason is that the product is offered free-of-charge to individuals from developing countries or to non-profit organisations. Posting of this message does not constitute in any way an endorsement of the product by WHO, TechNet21 and/or any of their partners, neither a judgment on its quality. There is a lack of good-quality stock management software in the world. If any of you were to decide to give this product a try, your comments would be appreciated, on the forum or by using the "Equipment performance" form available on the TechNet21 homepage, leaving blank the box for PIS/PQS code. _____________________________________ Dear Technet subscribers, We are pleased to announce the latest release of our pharmaceutical supply chain / inventory management software- mSupply version 1.96r3. At the suggestion of Mogens Munck we have spent considerable time in the last few months to enable location management in mSupply, specifically with a view to its use in cold chains. We still have a long way to go, but we think the current version is usable, and we would appreciate feedback on what needs changing for future versions. Location management features include: * Management by volume. Define volumes for locations and for each item. * Report on space used and free space at each location. * Quick visual feedback on whether stock about to be ordered will fit at the nominated locations. Same for goods receipting operations. Helpful links: * Home page * Demo version * User guide * Location management tutorial * Other documentation mSupply remains free for use in single-user mode if: - you are in a developing country - your organisation is not-for-profit mSupply has been in use in developing countries since 1998. It is now used in over 20 countries, primarily in pharmaceutical warehouses, and in hospital dispensaries. Best regards, [log in to unmask]">Craig [log in to unmask]">Drown Sustainable Solutions Kathmandu, Nepal Auckland, New Zealand ______________________________________________________________________________ All members of the TechNet21 e-Forum are invited to send comments on any posting or to use the forum to raise a new discussion or request technical information in relation to immunization services. The comments made in this forum are the sole responsibility of the writers and do not in any way mean that they are endorsed by any of the organizations and agencies to which the authors may belong. ______________________________________________________________________________ Visit the TECHNET21 Website at You will find instructions to subscribe, a direct access to archives, links to reference documents and other features. ______________________________________________________________________________ To UNSUBSCRIBE, send a message to : [log in to unmask]">[log in to unmask] Leave the subject area BLANK In the message body, write unsubscribe TECHNET21E ______________________________________________________________________________ The World Health Organization and UNICEF support TechNet21. The TechNet21 e-Forum is a communication/information tool for generation of ideas on how to improve immunization services. It is moderated by Claude Letarte and is hosted in cooperation with the Centre de coopération internationale en santé et développement, Québec, Canada ( ___________________________________________________________

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