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  3. Sunday, 30 March 2008
POST 01247E: VACCINE FREEZE-PREVENTION AIDE-MEMOIRE—CORRECTIONS 30 MARCH 2008 FOLLOW-UP ON POSTS01230E, POST 01235E, POST 01239E ******************************************* The attachments were not included in the earlier post. They are attached now. Many apologies. ---------------- Dear Moderator In the AIDE MEMOIRE it says: Do not store freeze-sensitive vaccines on or within 20 centimeters of the floor. If you look at the attached graph you will see that the bottom is the warmest. The temperature is measured on the shelves at the back wall, top, centre and bottom. Best regards, Soren Spanner ([email][/email]) Project Officer Cold Chain Health Section, UNICEF, India Country Office Post generated using Mail2Forum ( ##text##

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