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  3. Saturday, 24 May 2008
POST 01271E: MDG MID-POINT REVIEW AND OTHER REFERENCES 24 MAY 2008 ******************************************* Claude Letarte tells me that it is part of the TechNet tradition to post on the MDGs, and shares with TechNet readers the link to the complete report and the reviews. Thanks Claude. So in keeping with the tradition, this posting looks at where we stand on the roadmap to achieving the MDGs. Additionally, links to relevant and interesting references have been included. ----------- April 8, 2008 — A new World Bank-IMF report warns that most countries will fall short on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), a set of eight globally agreed development goals with a due date of 2015. Though much of the world is set to cut extreme poverty in half by then, prospects are gravest for the goals of reducing child and maternal mortality. Serious shortfalls also likely in primary school completion, nutrition, and sanitation goals. The report also stresses the link between environment and development and calls for urgent action on climate change. To build on hard-won gains, developing countries need support to address the links between growth, development and environmental sustainability. "In this Year of Action on the MDGs, I am particularly concerned about the risks of failing to meet the goal of reducing hunger and malnutrition, the ‘forgotten MDG’. As the report shows, reducing malnutrition has a ‘multiplier’ effect, contributing to success in other MDGs including maternal health, infant mortality, and education." - Robert B. Zoellick, World Bank President Please click on the following link to read the complete report:,,menuPK:4738069~pagePK:64168427~piPK:64168435~theSitePK:4738057,00.html#Complete_report Directly linked to the above are the following two articles. New Release: Countdown 2015 Report Finds Inadequate Progress on Maternal and Newborn Mortality The second is the Lancet issue itself. The UK OneWorld Guides also include a Millennium Development Goals Progress Review These extracts from 40 OneWorld Country Guides offer a unique snapshot of progress towards the Millennium Development Goals, now more than midway to the target date of 2015. With some exceptions, the picture is not encouraging . . .. Recurring problems include the failure of conventional economic growth to relieve poverty, extreme regional disparities, inadequate spending on health and education, and insufficient aid. A seismic shift in political will, both domestically and internationally, is necessary to realise the ideals of the Millennium Declaration. ----------- LATEST EDITION OF VACCINES The latest edition (5th Edition) of Vaccines authored by Stanley A. Plotkin, MD, Walter A. Orenstein, MD and Paul A. Offit, MD is out. The following review (an edited version) is from The 5th edition of Vaccines, the magisterial textbook covering all aspects of vaccines and vaccination, was published in February 2008. … Everything about the newly revised and expanded text is impressive: 1748 pages, 76 chapters, several hundred contributors, and tens of thousands of references to other published materials. Already long viewed as the standard reference work on vaccines, the new edition adds to this unmatched reputation. Chapters cover every vaccine developed or in development and several dozen topics related to infrastructure, regulation, and policy considerations. A new addition is the chapter titled "Ethics". It provides an overview of the many (largely unexplored) ethical issues that arise throughout the vaccine life-cycle -- from the earliest stages of research through the implementation of national and international vaccination programs. Overall, Vaccines is the first place to turn for answers to just about any question about a specific vaccine or vaccination programs more generally. For the Table of Contents refer to ----------- SIXTY-FIRST WORLD HEALTH ASSEMBLY The 61st session of the World Health Assembly took place in Geneva during 19-24 May 2008. Attended by a record 2704 participants from 190 countries, this session of the Health Assembly discussed a number of public health issues and adopted several resolutions. One of the key resolutions adopted by the 61st World Health Assembly is aimed at removing intellectual property barriers to essential research and development for public health. The resolution includes a Global strategy on public health, innovation and intellectual property. The Health Assembly also: * Endorsed a six-year action plan to tackle non-communicable diseases, now the leading threats to human health; * Called upon WHO to present at the World Health Assembly in 2010 a draft global strategy to reduce harmful use of alcohol; * Adopted a resolution urging Member States to take decisive action to address health impacts from climate change; * Committed Member States to accelerating action towards the elimination of the practice of female genital mutilation through laws and educational and community efforts. * Directed WHO to help countries in reaching higher coverage of immunization and to encourage development of new vaccines; and * Requested WHO to assess the health aspects in migrant environments and to explore options to improve the health of migrants. The Health Assembly also discussed the programme budget, administration and management matters of WHO. To access World Health Report 2007, click the following link. The World Health Report 2008 is scheduled for publication in October. Post generated using Mail2Forum (

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