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  3. Wednesday, 04 June 2008
POST 01275E: HOW RELIABLE IS THE VVM? FOLLOW-UP ON POSTS: 01264E, 01266E 4 JUNE 2008 ******************************************* Rajesh Sood raises questions about the reliability of VVM in the context of out-of-cold-chain practices and recommends conventional safeguards. ----------- We have found that VVM does not change colour even when exposed for long to room temperature and even sunlight. The VVM on used vials lying on the table in NIDs do not change colour-- which leads to skepticism on the real predictive value of VVM for vaccine cold chain status. Conventional wisdom states that is it is better to err on the side of more caution, and insist on 4 well-frozen ice packs. We rely on VVM as a proxy indicator of extreme or prolonged heat exposure before reaching the point of delivery, a problem over which the frontline staff have no control. We still have doubts regarding open vials policy in non-NID settings for OPV. Dr Rajesh K Sood ([][/email]) India ----------- Post generated using Mail2Forum (

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