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POST 01322E: IMMUNIZATION MIS/TRAINING DOCUMENTS FOLLOW-UP ON POSTS: 01312E, 01314E, 01315E, 01318E 12 SEPTEMBER 2008 ******************************************* Ram Bhui responds to Anil Varshney’s request for a link to the Immunization MIS used in Indonesia, and Tasnim Partapuri very kindly shares with us Immunization training documents, which also contain useful information on the programme in India. I would encourage members to share such training documents or any innovations in the field with the forum. The idea is to generate a resource library so that knowledge can be accessed prior to new initiatives in the same area. ---------- Dear All, Thank you very much for your interest in Immunization HIS that MCCI/IP developed. The spreadsheet is excel based and in Bahasa Indonesia. The program is stand alone, store, provides comparative graphs, analysis table that shows how many children health center should immunize in given month by vaccine dose and other summaries. We have not put it in website yet. We would eventually put it in website in both English and Bahasa Indonesia. If somebody is familiar with Bahasa Indonesia, we can make a CD available. Thank you very much for your interest. Bal Ram Bhui ([email=balram_bhui@YAHOO.COM]balram_bhui@YAHOO.COM[/email]) -------- Dear Padmini, One of the objectives of the Government of India’s MYP for the Immunization Program is the training of Health Workers and Medical Officers in Immunization. 1. An Immunization Handbook for Health Workers was developed in 2006 and 70,000 of the 200,000 Health Workers have been trained till date. The handbook and the related facilitators’ guide can be downloaded from: 2. An Immunization Handbook for Medical Officers and the Facilitators’ Guide have also been published this month (see links below). The National Master Trainers’ Workshop and Regional ToTs for this training are expected to be completed between September and December 2008. This is to be followed by the Immunization training of the 60,000 Medical Officers across the country. (Please see the attached introductory document for more details.) I shall be grateful if you could upload these documents on the TechNet site. Although these are large files, they contain a great deal of useful technical information about the immunization program in India. Best regards, Tasnim ([][/email]) Tasnim Partapuri
 Senior Technical Officer
 New Delhi, INDIA http:// Post generated using Mail2Forum (

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