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  3. Tuesday, 31 March 2009
POST 01410E: STUDY ON COOL WATER PACKS 31 MARCH 2009 ****************************************** Umit Kartoglu from the World Health Organisation sends this report on the latest study on cool water packs, i.e. water packs refrigerated between 2°C to 8 °C, and their impact on the cold life of vaccine transport boxes and vaccine efficacy. Findings: Laboratory studies at extreme ambient temperatures (43 °C) showed that, with the use of cool water packs, temperatures inside the cold box rise to around 20 °C within 48 h. When this exposure scenario was repeated four times, the impact of the temperature history on the different heat stability categories of vaccines varied between 2.4 and 36.0% shelf life loss. Oral polio vaccine was found to be the most affected vaccine. All other vaccines were affected with 2.4 to 10.4% life loss. Country assessments (real-life situation with temperature variations between day and night) showed between 0.4% to 4.6% life loss when the boxes were exposed to ambient temperatures ranging from 11.7 to 39.8 °C over the 98 h 15 min test period. The full report is attached. Thank you Umit Kartoglu ([][/email]) for sharing this report with TechNet21 readers. Post generated using Mail2Forum ( ##text##

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