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  3. Tuesday, 28 June 2011
A few weeks ago, I posted a blog about the US Embassy Humanitarian assistance programs in West-Africa, and specifically in Mali, Nigeria, Chad, Senegal and Mauritania: I wanted to bring to the attention of the community that these groups have funding to support existing projects, and can even lend a hand in person as needed to implement them. Projects up to $10,000 can take as little as 3 weeks to be approved, and their teams do all of the project proposal writing and submission -- all that you have to do is meet with them, share specifics, and see if they think that they can get support for it. Larger funding amounts can also be secured but the process takes a few months instead. What I particularly like about their approach to development is that instead of starting their own new projects, they focus on reinforcing existing ones. This can translate to supplying and installing an incinerator, an autoclave, a solar refrigeration system or even a solar water pump for a clinic. Their criteria are very flexible and they are extremely quick to set things in motion. Additionally, when their teams fly in country, they are prepared to transport vaccines free of charge and even have the capacity to occasionally charter special flights just for vaccines at 3-4 weeks' notice! In Mali, they have already moved hundreds of thousands of doses of vaccine for the MoH and provide an ongoing monthly freight allowance for vaccines of 600-900kg / month on flights to the north of the country. This is particularly good for helping to move vaccines during campaigns... If you are working in any of these countries and interested in collaborating with the US Embassy Humanitarian Assistance Teams, please contact Technet21 member USHAT1 with inquiries or post comments and questions below.

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