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  1. Chris Wright
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  3. Wednesday, 19 February 2014
People that Deliver is pleased to announce the publication of the Competency Compendium for Health Supply Chain Management, a reference tool encompassing the supply chain and logistics activities required for effective country-wide operation. This compendium can be used by countries as they seek to map out the available cadres and competencies within their health supply chain, and identify gaps or overlaps. It can also be used to develop competency frameworks that apply to specific cadres and their levels within the supply chain, providing the specific behavioural competencies required for their work. Such frameworks can then be used to develop job descriptions, performance frameworks and supportive supervision, and create pre-service education programs and in-service training plans. In collaboration with PtD member organizations and led by the University of Canberra, the PtD Technical Working Group has compiled this competency compendium and further guidance on how to create supply chain management (SCM) competency frameworks for different cadres of supply chain workers. The compendium draws on 20 competency frameworks and related documents from a number of organizations globally.

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