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  3. Friday, 27 March 2020

Johnson and Johnson Global Public Health Supply Chain, in partnership with the People that Deliver (PtD), is collecting information to develop a strategy guide for Secondment models between private and public sector organizations supporting health supply chains. The first phase of this project involves connecting with individuals who have participated in a secondment program (either receiving a secondee, or as a secondee themselves). Our aim is to bring together collective best practices, knowledge and insight and create a strategy guide that can be used to inform the development of future secondment programs.

What is a Secondment?

A private sector employee offering full-time support to a public sector company or organization.

Why focus on Secondment for the Private and Public Sector?

Secondments offer a win-win situation to both the company that “loans” their employee and the group that receives them. Local stakeholders gain access to new knowledge, insights and resources, and learn private sector best practices. The private sector gains a better understanding of the local context, including the specific challenges and opportunities for health supply chain professionals. 

How can you help?

We would like to speak with individuals involved in secondment programs, either as a secondee themselves, a facilitator of secondments, a stakeholder for a secondment program, or as a member of an organization or government entity that has received a secondee.

The information collected will be used to develop the strategy guide and shared with a wider audience across both private and public sector health supply chain organizations.

If you have experience with secondment models, we would be happy to hear from you.

To learn more about Johnson & Johnson’s Global Public Health Program click here. To learn more about People that Deliver and their efforts to build a competent, skilled, and adequately staffed health supply chain workforce, click here.

Hendrik Accepted Answer


at my previous employers I have gained a lot of experience with secondments - both being seconded and receiving secondees. I'm happy to share experiences, just drop me a private message.


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