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  1. Narayana Holla
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  3. Sunday, 18 August 2019

Dear viewers

Please find the attached “Dewalbari one pager” which was mailed to the Country Representative on 15th August 2012 – a dramatic & historic event in the field of routine immunization.

India was consistently trying to improve full immunization coverage, declared 2012-13 as year of intensification of routine immunization. Objective was to achieve ≥90% vaccination in the selected >200 districts. Strategy was one special immunization week in 4 subsequent months. Following state meeting in the mid march 2012, all districts were asked to submit logistic requirement in just one format by 31st March 2012.

It was supposed to start from April 2012 and close by July 2012.

Submission of consolidated plan needs timely submission by all the Health Sub centers to the Planning units >> block >>District. Hence author reached Dewalbari HSC. Bina & Pumpum were the ANMs. Methodology was learning by doing, working together, propagation through peer education blended with sustained supportive supervision. Think globally but act locally.

Blessing in disguise: Special immunization weeks need special money. There was delay in the release of fund and the launch was delayed. We utilized this window period. We enumerated all those who were born since 01 April 2010 and prepared session wise specific micro-plan which automatically yielded specific due children. Ours was a zero budget programme but did intensification of routine session itself.

End result: on 28th July, 4th Saturday after the last session by 5 PM ANM Bina gave the breaking news of the end result. “Sir; Dewalbari is IRI free”. 

It was one of the happiest moment for me in the last >30 years of working for RI. I took some time to analyze the data and published “Dewalbari one pager” one of the simplest and the greatest surest way of achieving >95% FIC and complete immunization in just 4 months through reugular session itself. Later we published article on IRI simulation study.

On the same line we did Mission Indradhanush simulation study and was disseminated. Both the studies proved that through a proper simplest tool (Extended Immunogram as of now) and the methodology of learning by doing, working together, propagation through peer education blended with sustained supportive supervision any area in the country can attain and sustain very high vaccination coverage as this promotes regular session to all time mission mode as this is non tiring.

Hope India will achieve and sustain the goal of Global Vaccine action plan by Aug 2020.

happy reading 

Holla n team


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