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  3. Friday, 29 August 2014
Hello all, Please see the notice below regarding potential funding of educational opportunities related to supply chain management. This scholarship opportunity is through the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition. I am posting this information because I learned of this opportunity and wanted to share. I am not affiliated with the scholarship award process. Best, Safia Ahsan Technical Advisor USAID | DELIVER PROJECT John Snow, Inc. 1616 Fort Myer Drive, 16th Floor Arlington, VA 22630 USA 703-310-5297 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New LAPTOP scholarships: The Coalition and Bayer Healthcare have teamed up to help health professionals and prospective students to secure the resources they need to pursue a course of study in supply chain management (SCM). Through Friday 3rd October 2014, the Coalition will be accepting applications for five LAPTOP ( scholarships, each valued at US$2500. Eligible candidates must be from the Global South at the time of application and intend to use the scholarship to pursue a course of study listed in LAPTOP, which offers more than *250 training opportunities* in supply chain management in English, French, and Spanish from *33 countries*. The application guidelines and instructions can be found here:

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