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  3. Friday, 05 December 2014
Dear Colleagues, Thank you to those who filled in the 1st survey. We have had 88 responses so far. As part of the GAVI supply chain strategy PtD has been leading the development of a ‘SCM Leadership Competency Framework’ as part of the GAVI People and Practice Working Group. Such a framework will be used to help develop SCM job descriptions for leaders, and guide the development of courses. We have THREE separate 15 - 20min surveys that we would like you to take to help us validate our competency framework: Survey 1: Management Domain: 'Resource Management' Survey 2: Management Domain: 'Professional and Personal' Survey 3: Technical Domains: 'Selection & Quantification', 'Procurement', 'Storage & Distribution', and 'Use'. We would like you to participate in EACH survey if you can. This is Survey 2 where we will validate the Management Domain: 'Professional and Personal' Click on the link below and complete this online survey before the 18th of December: If you would prefer to fill in a manual survey please let us know so that we can e-mail one to you. For any questions regarding this activity please contact me. Regards, Andrew Brown Executive Manager People that Deliver

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