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  1. Matt Morio
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  3. Thursday, 13 August 2020

Dear TechNet members,

In preparation for the virtual TechNet-21 conference in October, the planning committee would appreciate your feedback.  Could you please take 5 minutes to answer the survey regarding some of the themes and format of the virtual conference?  This survey is open to all members (including suppliers) as the event will be the virtual conference.

If you have any questions or challenges please feel free to email Matt Morio

Survey link:

Matt Morio Accepted Answer

Dear TechNet-21 community,

Thank you so much for taking the time to complete our survey.  Overall, we had 111 responses from 37 different countries from a good representation of roles.

38% of responses were from Africa
19% of responses were from Asia
42% of responses were from North America or Europe
1%  of responses were from South America

The feedback is well received and helped guide the planning committee to the 4 key themes for the virtual conference:

  • Responding to Covid-19
  • Supply chain strategies
  • Effective vaccine management 
  • Cold chain equipment

Along with these overarching themes, responses expressed a strong desire to learn more around data in immunization supply chains - collection, use, management, and transforming data into action. 

The planning committee has been working very hard to develop sessions that address the key themes as well as the cross-cutting desire to learn how to better use data in decision making.

Thank you again for your participation and we look forward to seeing you (virtually) in several weeks!

  Are you excited for the virtual conference?
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