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  3. Wednesday, 23 December 2015

It is that time of the year when one takes stock and looks ahead. Looking back at 2015, the two words that come to mind are ‘eventful’ and ‘change’. The TechNet community came together, in May, at the TechNet Conference in Bangkok, which in the words of Deborah Kristensen (PATH), “…was the best TechNet meeting that I’ve attended … (it) was extremely engaging and productive”.

TechNet continued to productively engage the community through the forum and website, bridging the knowledge to practice gap, providing a continuum between the consultations, and linking the practitioners and policy makers. The forum saw 288 posts, with the largest number falling into the Announcements category (82), followed closely by Supply Chain and Logistics (64) and Service Delivery (40). There were 424 new subscriber registrations, widely dispersed over the different regions of the world.

The most prolific forum ‘poster’ was Narayana Holla, who raced ahead with 32 posts! A distant second was Dan Brigden (20), followed by John Lloyd (10). Diana Chang Blanc and Anna Lea Khan were just behind with nine posts each. It would be unfair not to include Larry Schlussler (8), Patrick Lydon (7) and Chris Wright (7) in the list. Heidi Lasher (6) and People that Deliver (6), too, deserve an honourable mention. But there were also many first-time posters, who deserve a round of applause for making their voices heard.

But TechNet has never been about quantity alone. Cold Chain Policy vs. Cold Hard Reality initiated by Chris Wright was the ‘most discussed’ post, followed by Murat Hakan Ozturk’s post on Temperature Display. Patrick Lydon’sPCV introduction in Cameroon, Ethiopia, Kenya and Mali had marginal impact on EPI and little to none on broader health systems was a close third. For those of you are interested in some more number crunching, do look at Dan Brigden’s post which lists the top ten posts based on views.

TechNet has been steadily building its presence on the social media network through its twitter handle @TechNet21Mod, its Facebook page and LinkedIn Group

We cannot close the year without saying a big thank-you to all our subscribers and readers. We look forward to your participation and support to make TechNet as useful and engaging in 2016!

Map showing location of TechNet viewers in 2015

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