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  3. Wednesday, 08 January 2014
TechNet is working with key partners to explore ways in which public health supply chain communities can be better inter-connected. The vision behind the collaboration is to link these communities more closely, and doing so by improving overall access to information and resources. Why is TechNet engaged in this? Various organizations and initiatives seek to serve particular communities of practice related to public health supply chains. Each community tends to be a vertical silo of information and knowledge, accessible through a specific website. As a result, the broader global health supply chain community has no single "go-to" point for information, and must instead navigate a multiplicity of online resources. An initiative to address this problem is now underway, with the intention of linking the various communities of practice, while maintaining the individual identity and purpose of each community. Organizations and initiatives involved in the collaboration include the International Association of Public Health Logisticians (IAPHL), People that Deliver (PtD), United Nations Population Fund, (UNFPA Supply Chain), LOGIVAC, PSM Toolbox, and UNICEF’s Cold Chain and Logistics Taskforce (CCL TF). As part of the collaboration, a moderated discussion on the integration of oxytocin in the vaccine cold chain has been launched on the IAPHL website as a follow-up to the one that was launched earlier in 2013 on the TechNet. This is a key topic that is getting more and more attention and one that needs to be discussed within and outside of the immunization community. Highlights from the moderated discussion will be cross-posted on the TechNet forum. While discussions on the integration of oxytocin have been taking place on the TechNet forum for some time, by widening the conversation to include IAPHL members, we hope to ensure that public health supply chain communities outside of immunization are involved in this important debate. We also hope that this cross-posting will help to better connect members of the two communities. You can view the moderated discussion on the IAPHL listserv here: Note: To join the moderated discussion on the IAPHL listserv, you will need to register on the IAPHL website. Once you’re registered you will receive new posts by email. To respond to a post, simply reply to the email and every member of IAPHL will receive the post. TechNet’s collaboration with other public health supply chain communities will continue throughout 2014. We hope that through working together in this way, we can connect different communities more closely and by doing so improve overall access to information and resources.

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