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  3. Wednesday, 08 January 2014
In 2014, TechNet will launch a new initiative to stimulate debate within the TechNet community by organizing special topics for discussion. Over the course of the year, topics of interest to TechNet members will be launched for debate. To help with the discussions, topics will be facilitated by a panel experts in the field who will guide the conversation by sharing their expert views, posing questions and sharing experiences. It is hoped that these discussions will provide members with a lively and informative space to share their knowledge and increase their understanding of particularly relevant topics in immunization. Discussions will last for one month depending on the interest generated and the complexity of the topic. If you have an idea of your own for a moderated discussion you would like to have on TechNet, and would be willing to help facilitate the discussion, we would love to hear from you. Please contact the TechNet moderator with details of your idea: Please include the following information. Proposed title of topic: Names of facilitators (between one and six): Suggested weekly question or area of focus (please include at least two): Preferred month for discussion to take place: To keep up-to-date with special topic discussions, be sure to sign up the TechNet Digest. Or follow TechNet-21 on Twitter:
Dan Brigden Accepted Answer
Some members have asked whether it is possible to receive an email alert whenever someone posts a reply to a moderated discussion on TechNet. This is known as a subscription, and is a great way to keep up to date with an ongoing discussion. To set up a subscription: 1. On the TechNet website, sign in under the ‘Account’ menu. Be sure to tick the ‘Remember me’ box so that you will not need to keep re-entering your details. 2. In the Forum, go to the topic you want to subscribe to. 3. Under Post tools, click Subscribe. 4. A success message will be displayed. You can follow the same process to unsubscribe, should you wish to stop receiving email alerts.
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