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  3. Monday, 18 October 2010
Aall three reports from the WHO Technologies and Logistics Advisory Committee are now available at the WHO website: Specifically: These cover detailed information on a number of topics that might be of interest to Technet 21e subscribers, including: (1) research for taking vaccines out of the cold chain, (2) revisions to WHO's Multi-dose Vial Policy, (3) visual icons on vaccine vials to guide discard policy in an era of multidose vials without antibacterial preservative, (4) technical data on vaccine vial monitors, (5) ideas for a cool chain to expand vaccine storage capacity, and (6) defeatable autodisabling syringes As this committee has been replaced by the new IPAC, Technet 21e might want to download these reports to its own server, as it is unknown how long they will remain available at WHO. Thank you. Bruce G. Weniger, MD, MPH CAPT, USPHS (ret.) Associate Editor, Vaccine Guest Researcher, Influenza Division Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ------------------------------------------ 1600 Clifton Road (C-09) Atlanta, GA 30333 USA ------------------------------------------ Tel: [+1] 404.639.8779 (office) Tel: [+1] 404.513.3429 (mobile off.) Tel: [+1] 678.478.1101 (mobile pers.) Fax: [+1] 404.718.2119 [][/email] (official) [][/email] (personal)

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