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  3. Saturday, 27 April 2013
With the launch of a new Decade of Vaccines (DoV) as outlined in the Global Vaccine Action Plan (GVAP) endorsed by the World Health Assembly in 2012, the world will be embarking on ambitious strategies to introduce the next generation of new vaccines and raise vaccination coverage to desired levels, including in areas with large pockets of unvaccinated children and 'beyond' children. While the DoV comes as a great opportunity to rejuvenate immunization efforts in low and middle-income countries, addressing the bottlenecks in national supply chain and logistics systems (as the backbone of the routine immunization programme), will be key to reaching the goals outlined in the GVAP. Currently, most country supply systems struggle to deliver existing vaccines and are ill prepared to manage the surge of new vaccines to come. As a first step to address this challenge, a global vision for vaccine supply and logistics systems by 2020 has been developed and recently published in the Vaccine Supplement on the Decade of Vaccines: The imperative for stronger vaccine supply and logistics systems The 2020 global vision for supply chain and logistics systems is already reaching the broader community. The blog from Next Billion is a testimony that transformational change in country supply chain systems for immunization is gaining momentum. When Vaccines Can't Help: How supply chain failures undermine vaccine advancements - and what's being done about it Happy reading! Michel Zaffran Coordinator, Expanded Programme on Immunization & Director, Project Optimize

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