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  3. Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Our NGO- Mission India Foundation ( has taken up another vaccine to make it accessible to kids in rural parts of India. We have the target to immunize 5000 kids and teenagers (2-18 years age) in the year 2011. We are using a Intra-muscular vi-polysaccharide vaccine for the purpose. My question is:
Given the seasonality of Enteric Fever in India, should Typhoid vaccine be offered throughout the year or during the period of maximal propensity, ie, summer and monsoon season?

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Dear Munish, I think we have had some exchanges before regarding the work of the MIFUSA and particularly on typhoid vaccination efforts that your foundation is working on. I am glad that you are still continueing the efforts to reach those children. Specifically on the question of when to vaccinate, let me join Karan and others who have already chipped in, to say that it does not matter and you provide the vaccine any time throughout the year. Kind regards Pem
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Omesh K. Bharti Accepted Answer
Dear Munish Kumar Raizada, Congratulations to Mission India Foundation for taking up this initiative. I agree with Dr. Karan's suggestion to offer the vaccine throughout the year as this will also give enough time to immunize as many children as you wish. Thaanks, Dr. Omesh Kumar Bharti, HP, India
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Genrally speaking the vaccine will be effective throughout the year. Epidemiologically, low transmission season is best time to maximize the benefits of vaccination.
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