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  3. Tuesday, 29 December 2009
Since 1994, with USAID funding, JSI has conducted international courses on supply chain management of health commodities. These training activities have been a pivotal part of the supply chain support USAID has funded through the USAID/DELIVER PROJECT and the DELIVER and FPLM projects before that. As the need for logistics systems strengthening and local capacity development continue to gain increasing prominence, demand for participation in these courses continues to grow. In particular, as donors and Governments focus more and more on health programs in Africa, the demand in that region for specialized health commodity logistics training has continued to grow. In an effort to address the dual objectives of training individuals in supply chain management and also develop a regional institutional capacity, the USAID | DELIVER PROJECT, in close collaboration with USAID, has developed a regional institution building capacity activity. The project has identified partners in Latin America and Caribbean (LAC), East Africa, and West Africa and is working directly with them. In the LAC region, the USAID | DELIVER PROJECT works with PRISMA. Asociacion Benefica PRISMA is a Peruvian non-governmental organization with a long track record in health supply chain technical assistance and training. Although PRISMA’s web site is in Spanish, we can confirm that their NGO objective is to work to improve the quality of life of the vulnerable populations in Peru, carrying out, with the active participation of the community, effective and efficient programs and projects that respond to the needs of the population. It works in Health, Microfinance, Logistics, Agricultural Production and Marketing, Research, and Capacity -building of Local Governments. With USAID funding PRISMA has co-facilitated three supply chain courses and independently facilitated three supply chain courses, including one funded by UNFPA. PRISMA offers several course modules developed by the USAID | DELIVER PROJECT as well as a virtual learning course. For more information please contact Carlos, Gutierrez [][/email] In East Africa, the USAID | DELIVER PROJECT is transferring skills on Supply Chain Management training to the Eastern and Southern African Management Institute (ESAMI). ESAMI is an Inter-governmental Regional Management centre owned by 10 member states, namely; Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Seychelles, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Established in 1980, ESAMI is a service and market oriented institution with its headquarters in Arusha, Tanzania. It specialises in high level management training and development programmes, consultancy and action-oriented management research services; serving target clients that include the public and private sector, regional and international institutions, Non-Governmental Organisations, Executive agencies and Parastatals. ESAMI has co- facilitated two Supply Chain courses in the last year and will co-facilitate two more courses in March 2010. For more information please contact Limbe, Ellard [][/email] In West Africa, the USAID | DELIVER PROJECT is working with Institut Bioforce Developpement to support a sustainable capacity in francophone countries to provide technical assistance and train future public health logisticians. The USAID | DELIVER PROJECT will co-facilitate their one week course module with Bioforce. Institut Bioforce Développement is a training and career advisory centre. It's a non-profit organization founded by Dr Charles Merieux. The one week course will be held in Burkina Faso in Bioforce training center in Bobo from March 22 to March 27, 2010. More information can be obtained from Delphine LORCA // [][/email] // + 33 4 72 89 36 02

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