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  3. Monday, 15 June 2009
Vaccination Supplies Stock Management (VSSM) was first developed in WHO Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office (EMRO) in late 2006 and the later versions were developed by receiving support from WHO HQs. VSSM has been used in Sudan and Egypt and recently was installed in Laos, Iran, Uzbekistan and now Pakistan. VSSM version 4.0 is now fully operational and it is planned to be installed in Mongolia supported by UNICEF. VSSM is an open source, MS Access based computer application and needs only MS Office 2003 or 2007 and requires no specific hardware. It has a multi-level security system and allows three different levels of logging in. VSSM’s design and structure is based on standard WHO training courses on vaccine management and although it focuses on vaccine stock management it also accommodates management of other categories of supplies such as cold chain and injection equipment, pharmaceuticals and any other supplies. It allows different formulation of bundling injection equipment with different vaccines and for different settings. VSSM minimizes typing error and has been designed for store staff with minimum or no computer knowledge. The tool is fully customizable by programme staff and any user with some knowledge of MS Access can further modify the tool to accommodate to specific program requirements. VSSM is a multi-lingual package and it allows working in 6 UN languages and users can easily translate VVSM into any additional local language. The translation into local language will not take more then 8 hours. VSSM produces over 40 different reports assisting program managers to plan ahead and to prevent stores from being over or out of stock. VSSM produces a fully customizable dispatch voucher with the logos of the countries and in local languages. Users can select the fields they like to be seen in their voucher and design the voucher to suite the financial and legal system of their country. Training of store and program staff to fully use VSSM will take between 3 to 5 days based on the level and experience of the staff. A detailed user guide has been prepared in English that can help training of store staff and may serve as a reference for problem solving. The quality of VSSM has been enhanced during the last two and a half years testing in different field conditions and steady development from versions 1.0 to 4.0. Based on the experience gained from countries using this tool, VSSM seems to be a tool of choice for vaccine stock management. The future versions of VSSM will be multi-user for being installed in large stores where more than one staff can make transactions such as receiving, dispatching, making adjustments and producing reports. VSSM in its present form can only be used in one level and it is not connected to other stores. VSSM version 5.0 will be developed to be a web-based application and the program manager at the central level will have access to the report part of the tool and can produce reports from the lower levels (provincial stores). In this way the national program manager by having access to the report part of VSSM at the lower levels will have information from the current stock of any store and can generate all 40 reports from any lower levels where VSSM is installed and connected to the internet. For further information on VSSM, you may contact Souleymane Kone at [][/email] or Mojtaba Haghgou at [][/email].

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